From Average to Elite

From Average to Elite.

I’ve started to say this more and more recently and it has really stuck with me. It’s now the one liner for my business. A lot of my clients / athletes have come to me over the years to improve their physical abilities and go From Average to Elite.  It took me some time to really understand what the problem was that a lot of athletes have and that problem is being average or not motivated. So many athletes stop fighting or quit before they even taste elite or have a chance to make it.

When I say make it that may mean one thing to you and a different thing to me or someone else. For some people that might be making their rep sports team or high school team. For others that might mean being the best in the world. 

Either way you need to understand what it takes to be those people. A lot of people want to be elite but not all are willing to do what it takes. Elite athletes live and breathe their sport. Golf, basketball, hockey, whatever it might be! In order to be elite you have to be passionate and want it more than you want anything else. That might mean missing a party, a trip, an event or getting up at 5am on the weekend. All of these things are necessary in the process of becoming elite. 

I have great athletes come and see me all the time and a lot of them will never be elite. That doesn’t mean they don’t have the ability to be elite. They just don’t have the discipline in their lives to go to the next level and become elite. 

Does everyone have to be elite? Of course not! Sports are meant to be fun and if you want to play the game of golf (or any other sport) for fun, then enjoy it! Don’t put the pressures of being elite on yourself. You will just set yourself up for failure and frustration. 

Being elite is earned and it isn’t given out like participation trophies. Some people might read this and not like the way I make that sound but it’s true. Think about the best athletes in the world. Dustin Johnson, Tom Brady, Lebron James, Colin Morikawa, Rory Mcilroy etc…all of these players are extremely focused and disciplined. They weren’t born as the elite performers they are today, they earned it.


List 5 things that you can start to implement in your life today that will help you go from average to elite: 

Here’s an example: Sleep at least 7.5 hours EVERYDAY






Pick one and start to implement this into your life. One of the easiest ways to start to do something more, or do something new, is to compound it with something else that you already do. For example, most people watch television every night. A great thing to compound with watching tv is stretching/mobility/rolling/recovery work. I spend a lot of time on my living room floor at night to wind down and it’s one of my favourite parts of the day. If you’re stuck with this list then contact me and we can come up with a plan for your success.

Be comfortable being uncomfortable. 

One of the best ways to improve is to flirt with, or slightly go past, your limits in whatever you’re trying to improve. One of my professors in college said to me that you should try to put yourself in uncomfortable situations as much as possible to make these situations comfortable. Having that mindset has helped me in my career. I have forced myself to do things that were intimidating at first but have become second nature now. Public speaking is something I was very intimidated by at first and now I’ve lectured to 200 students at one time. Anything is possible. 

This goes for training and practice as well. Just working on mechanics or doing the same thing all the time will only go so far. You need to get out of your comfort zone and play (in practice) and challenge yourself (in training) to really achieve elite levels. 

Training is where you can push your limits and become the best athlete possible and practice is where you develop your skills. A combination of both of these is the recipe for success.1% better everyday mindset.

From Average to Elite.

Stop misusing your time doing the same thing in the gym expecting a different result! Let me develop a personalized plan to maximize your potential and start living the life you deserve. We will identify your limitations and turn them into your strengths! Take your athletic ability, game, body and LIFE to the next level! Don’t waste another minute. LETS GO!

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From Average to Elite