Training / Coaching

From Average to Elite

Training / Coaching

Titleist Performance Institute Screen (TPI) / Kinetisense Advanced Movement Screen
  • Movement screens help to identify movement limitations and muscular imbalances
  • Attack your weaknesses and make them your strengths
One on one coaching (In-person or Virtual)
  • Structured training sessions to maximize your time and efficiency in the gym
  • Develop your exercise abilities and learn how to move the right way. These are skills that can be used for the rest of your life
Full Month Program
  • Progressive programs to improve at sustainable rate
Phone and email support
  • Accountability
Nutrition Recommendations
  • Advice and recommendations to compliment the training
Major Movements Decoded
  • Playbook of exercises for reference (30 Plus Exercises)
  • PDF and over an hour of video content
*** Virtual or In-Person – Minimum 3 Month Commitment for Memberships
CSC Performance Coaching Pricing

CSC Performance Coaching Testimonials

Matt Cupido Testimonial
John Stankov Testimonial
Kim Doyle Brant Nutrition

At the start – Mark is awesome and you’ll be grateful you found him!! I’ve been training with Mark for a few months now and I have to say he’s been a breath of fresh air and has really helped put me on the road to being stronger and being a more capable golfer! I’ve had a history of back issues and needed someone who knew what they were doing to help me rehab and strengthen so that I could be the best version of myself. Previous attempts to get strong and more flexible had always ended up with me aggravating pre-existing injuries, mostly because I didn’t know what exact exercises to do, given my injury history. Even other physios weren’t able to identify the right set of exercises for my specific issues! Mark takes a scientific approach to assessing where you need development and then puts together very thoughtfully designed programs for you to follow. He’s always available via text to support you and makes you feel like you have a personal coach, which I’m so grateful for. Mark is exactly the strength and conditioning person I needed at this stage of my life to help me improve my general well-being but most importantly my golf game! I feel like it’s down to him that I’m still hitting a few 300 yard drives!! I can’t recommend Mark highly enough. He’s a great coach and a great guy to work with. He’ll get you on the road to being the best version of yourself!

Sukh O

My work with CSC Performance Coaching has helped me elevate my game to a whole new level. I am a 15 year old junior golfer who reached out to Mark at the start of quarantine too see if golf specific training could help me get better. I have been training with Mark for just over 4 months and my improvements are unreal. I have easily become 1.5 clubs longer, have gained over 12 mph in club head speed and have dropped my handicap from a 2 to a scratch. I used to always feel physically strained and sore after my rounds but now I feel just as fresh on the 18th green as I did when I started on the 1st tee. Mark has designed multiple workout plans that are built to help me improve my strength and stability in various areas along with mobility workouts to keep my body loose and ready to play. Mark is willing to answer any of my questions and is always there for me. He has already helped me reach some of my goals in such a short period of time and we both know it’s only the beginning. CSC is hands down the best in the business. Thanks for everything Mark. 

Johnny Svalina – Junior Golfer

Mark’s sport specific training is designed to improve your movement and provide additional control and stability while increasing distance when you need it. His enthusiasm and passion is clear from the first session and he wants to help YOU progress. If your on the fence and reading this, trust me, it’s worth it.

Cole Nesbit – Junior Golfer

Hey Mark, I wanted to let you know that since we started working together a few months ago, I’ve made major gains in my golf game, and even more importantly, my health. Not only have your workouts increased my club head speed, they have provided my body with much more stability and control, allowing me to swing the club even faster. Im now able to carry my shots between 10 – 30 yards further, while still maintaining the same consistency, if not better consistency both in distance and accuracy. Your exercises are playing a vital role in accomplishing my goals. I look forward to what the future has in store. Thank you so much!

Hayden Davies – Amateur Golfer

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