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It’s been awhile since I put one of these out but that’s for a couple good reasons. First, I had a baby in December and the last few months have been very demanding on me and my family. Second, my business has never been busier! I have been working with a lot of different golfers during the off season developing their bodies to withstand the demands of golf. My clients off season programs have been going great and now it’s time to progress to the season.

The In-Season Program was developed for intermediate to advanced exercisers and it will definitely help you stay in shape during the golf season. So many golfers treat golf as their form of exercise. This is not the right way to think! Golf is the product of your training and practice. Do you stop practicing during the season? I hope not! So why would you stop working out? I know everyone doesn’t think this way but in my experiences I have seen way more golfers fall off their routines than maintain them during the season.

So what happens if I stop working out during the season?

If you neglect training during the year there will be consequences. Your risk of injury goes through the roof! You won’t be working both sides of the body and you will end up creating an imbalanced body. You will lose your strength and power improvements that were developed during the offseason. That usually means your speed will go down too. Both of these things alone are enough to make me continue training year round. Is it enough for you? Even if you don’t want to do my In-Season program I hope this will help influence you to follow some sort of training program this season.

Here’s an example of one of the workouts in my In-Season program (you have to watch on YouTube to see the whole workout):

This is what is included in my In-Season Program:

  • 4 Training Phases (4 – 6 weeks / phase)
  • 24 Workouts (16 Whole body & 8 Recovery)
  • Nutrition Recommendations
  • Major Movements Decoded
  • Pre & Post Round Program

Make this season your best one yet! For a limited time this program is $50 off.

Until next time….stay safe and stay healthy!


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