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It’s Masters week!

I know all my golfers are as excited as I am to watch Tiger defend his title this week at the Masters. I’m also very intrigued to see if Bryson can break Augusta! I don’t think he can but it will be interesting to see. Who’s your pick to win the Masters? Leave a comment below….you can see my pick at the end of this post 🙂

One thing that has really impressed me over the last year is Brysons incredible dedication to increasing his speed, power and size. This is no easy feat and it’s been fun to watch. How did he do this? Obviously, there are many variables including his diet, sleep, golf and training but we’ll just discuss training in this blog post.

In order to be powerful or to have speed you need to train this way! Doing slow isolated movements (ex. Bicep Curls and Knee Extensions) isn’t going to give 200 mph ball speeds. You need to complete explosive movements in short bursts. Just like the golf swing! The golf swing is a very powerful and explosive movement and as golfers we need to train that way too.

How do we increase our power in the gym?

To increase your power you must complete powerful or explosive movements in the gym. Also, you must be coordinated or you won’t be able to do the movements efficiently or effectively. A lot of explosive movements are complexed exercises so you should have some exercise experience and a base level of strength before beginning a power program. Here are four of my favourite exercises (included in the Power for Golf Program) I use to help my athletes develop power:

Power Exercises

Half Kneel to Single Leg Slam – 5 Repetitions / Side


  1. Half kneeling
  2. Stand up onto one leg
  3. Slam the medicine ball and return to half kneeling
  4. Controlled movements while you stand
  5. Explosive when you slam

Explosive Lateral Step Up – 5 Repetitions / Side


  1. Lead leg stays on box the whole time
  2. Opposite arm, opposite leg
  3. Explosively drive trail leg up
  4. Keep knees stacked over feet
  5. Tall posture

Rotational Press – 5 Repetitions / Side


  1. Athletic position
  2. Step towards the band
  3. Explode and press the other direction
  4. Press at shoulder height
  5. Follow the band with your eyes

Split Stance Resistance Band Chops – 5 Repetitions / Side


  1. Split Stance
  2. Band anchored in a high position
  3. Chop over the outside leg
  4. Tall spine
  5. Soft knees

Do you want to develop a powerful golf swing?

Doesn’t every golfer?!?

If so, then you’ve come to right place! I’ve developed a training program, including 30 of my favourite exercises, to help you develop the power you’re looking for in your golf swing. It’s called Power for Golf.

This program is meant to be completed over four to six weeks and its main focus is developing functional power. You will need a little bit of equipment to complete this program, but definitely not a full gym. Ideally, you’ll have some dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, a golf club and a barbell (you can use a broomstick or golf club if you don’t have one). As a Master’s week special I’m offering this program for half price ($50 CAD) until the end of the weekend. Check it out at the link the below:


My pick to win this years Masters tournament is……Dustin Johnson. He has been trending in the right direction and I feel like he’s due to win another major. I’d also really like to see Tiger win again (obviously) or Rory Mcilroy. Whatever happens I know it will be an entertaining week of golf ! Enjoy the Masters and consider purchasing my program if you want to develop tour like POWER. #cscgolffitness

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