16-32 Week Golf Specific Training Program

Are you ready for the off season? Do you have a plan? Are you going to focus on training in the gym? What parts of your game need to improve? Do you have any lingering injuries? These are all valid questions that people should be thinking about as it starts to get colder (In Canada at least).

A lot of people go to the gym or exercise with no real purpose behind their training. This might work for a while, maybe even 5 – 10 years, but the majority of people will plateau or never really reach their true potential. For some individuals this is fine and they will never really know or care how good they can be if they had a little direction. That’s where my 16 week golf specific training program comes into play. I created this program to give golfers some direction and variability in the gym during the offseason. 

The workout program is separated into 4 different phases to assure that you are improving throughout the whole program. All of the exercises performed will improve your ability to move in all planes of motion. Too many people live in the sagittal plane meaning they go up and down or forward and back. They neglect to go side to side or rotate and this creates muscular imbalances and can lead to injuries. Also, it’s not an effective way to train as a golfer since we want to be effective at rotating (swinging) and side bending (tilts). 

I’ve created this program based on my past experiences working with golfers and different types of athletes. I know this program will take you and your game to the next level. Each workout program comes with a video example and the cues I would say to you if you were working with me in person. Also, I’ve incorporated some flexibility into the duration of the program. In order to improve your exercise abilities your workout programs should be done for 4-6 weeks at a time. This workout program is a 16 week golf specific workout program that can be potentially extended for 24 weeks, if you do each phase for 6 weeks, instead of 4. Another way that this program can be utilized, this offseason, is to do each phase twice which will give you a 32 week program. Depending on where you live you might have a longer or shorter offseason. This way you can use the program for whatever amount of time needed and you know you will be getting better!

Below is a sample workout from the 16 Week Golf Training Program.

Sample Workout

Exercise Complex 1 – 3 Sets

1A Split Squat Jumps – 5 Repetitions / Leg (Explosive)

1B Half Kneeling Side Bend – 5 Repetitions / Side (Controlled)

1C Skaters / Plate Push – 10 Repetitions / Leg (Controlled)

Exercise Complex 2 – 3 Sets

2A Kettlebell Rotational Squat to Press – 8 Repetitions / Side (Controlled)

2B Walkout / Shoulder Taps – 8 Repetitions (Controlled)

2C Single Arm / Single Leg Row – 8 Repetitions / Arm (Controlled)

Exercise Complex 3 – 3 Sets

3A Split Squat / Bottoms Up / Kettlebell Press – 10 Repetitions / Side ( Controlled)

3B Hips First . / Resistance Band Chops – 8 Repetitions / Side (Controlled)

3C Bear Crawl Shoulder Taps – 10 Taps / Arm (Controlled)

This workout is from phase 2 of the program and it’s one of my favourites. All of these exercise complexes are to be done in succession. Meaning you complete exercises 1A – 1C, for 3 sets in a row, before moving forward to 2A – 2C. Rest can be taken after all three exercises are completed depending on your fitness level.

If you like this program and are looking to improve your fitness levels this off season then consider purchasing my 16 week golf specific program.


Have a great weekend! Until next time….


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