Johnny Svalina – Junior Golfer

My work with CSC Performance Coaching has helped me elevate my game to a whole new level. I am a 15 year old junior golfer who reached out to Mark at the start of quarantine too see if golf specific training could help me get better. I have been training with Mark for just over 4 months and my improvements are unreal. I have easily become 1.5 clubs longer, have gained over 12 mph in club head speed and have dropped my handicap from a 2 to a scratch. I used to always feel physically strained and sore after my rounds but now I feel just as fresh on the 18th green as I did when I started on the 1st tee. Mark has designed multiple workout plans that are built to help me improve my strength and stability in various areas along with mobility workouts to keep my body loose and ready to play. Mark is willing to answer any of my questions and is always there for me. He has already helped me reach some of my goals in such a short period of time and we both know it’s only the beginning. CSC is hands down the best in the business. Thanks for everything Mark. 

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